Dividend Reinvestment Plan

All shareholders considering enrollment in the DRIP should carefully review the terms of the DRIP and consult with their advisors as to the implications of enrollment in the DRIP.

Participation in the DRIP is optional. Participants in the DRIP may obtain additional Common Shares of the Company by automatically reinvesting all or any portion of the cash dividends paid on Common Shares held by the Plan participant without paying any brokerage commissions, administrative costs or other service charges. In respect of Treasury Acquisitions under the Plan, the Company can issue the common shares at a discount of up to 5% of the Average Market Price, as defined in the DRIP. The Company may, from time to time, in its discretion, change or eliminate the discount applicable to Treasury Acquisitions or direct that such common shares be purchased in Market Acquisitions at the prevailing market price, any of which would be publicly announced. For more information, shareholders interested in enrolling in the DRIP should refer to the materials noted below, or contact the Plan Agent, CST Trust Company, at the link noted below.

Registered Shareholders

Registered shareholders hold Silver Wheaton Common Shares in their own name. Registered shareholders can enroll in the DRIP by completing the enrollment form (see link below). Commencing April 15, 2014, registered shareholders may also enroll in the DRIP online through the Plan Agent's self-service web portal (see link below). Holders wanting to use the self-service web portal need to have a valid Answerline ID or register for an Answerline ID at https://www.canstockta.com/en/InvestorServices/answerline.html.

Non-Registered Beneficial Shareholders

Beneficial shareholders do not hold Silver Wheaton Common Shares in their own name but instead hold their Common Shares through a nominee such as a financial institution, broker or other nominee who holds the Common Shares for the beneficial shareholder. Beneficial shareholders should contact their nominee to enroll in the DRIP.

United States Shareholders

U.S. shareholders should refer to Silver Wheaton's Form F-3 filed on March 20, 2014 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which may be obtained under Silver Wheaton's profile at http://www.sec.gov.

Plan Agent

CST Trust Company will administer the DRIP. To access CST's self-service web portal, see link below.

DRIP Documents

DRIP Plan:  Click here
DRIP Enrollment Form:  Click here
CST Trust Company DRIP web portal:  Click here


Silver Wheaton's first quarterly cash dividend payment for 2017 is US$0.07 per common share. The dividend will be paid to holders of record of its common shares as of the close of business on April 5, 2017, and will be distributed on or about April 21, 2017.

The quarterly dividend per common share will be equal to 20% of the average cash generated by operating activities in the previous four quarters divided by the Company's outstanding common shares at the time the dividend is approved, all rounded to the nearest cent.

Dividend History

EX Dividend Date Record Date Payable Date Amount
April 3, 2017 April 5, 2017 April 21, 2017 US$0.07
November 21, 2016 November 23, 2016 December 7, 2016 US$0.06
Aug 22, 2016 August 24, 2016 September 7, 2016 US$0.05
May 17, 2016 May 19, 2016 June 2, 2016 US$0.05
March 29, 2016 March 31, 2016 April 14, 2016 US$0.05
November 16, 2015 November 18, 2015 December 1, 2015 US$0.05 
August 24, 2015 August 26, 2015 September 4, 2015 US$0.05
May 18, 2015 in US & May 15 in Canada May 20, 2015 June 2, 2015 US$0.05
March 27, 2015 March 31, 2015 April 14, 2015 US$0.05
November 24, 2014 November 26, 2014 December 9, 2014 US$0.06
August 25, 2014 August 27, 2014 September 5, 2014 US$0.06
May 16, 2014  May 20, 2014  May 30, 2014 US$0.07 
April 2, 2014 April 4, 2014 April 15, 2014 US$0.07
November 25, 2013  November 27, 2013 December 11, 2013 US$0.09
August 28, 2013 August 30, 2013 September 12, 2013 US$0.10
May 21, 2013 May 23, 2013  May 31, 2013  US$0.12 
March 28, 2013 April 2, 2013  April 12, 2013 US$0.14 
November 19, 2012 November 21, 2012  December 5, 2012  US$0.07 
August 28, 2012 August 30, 2012 September 13, 2012 US$0.10
May 21, 2012 May 23, 2012 June 6, 2012 US$0.09
April 2, 2012 April 4, 2012 April 17, 2012 US$0.09
November 21, 2011 November 23, 2011 December 5, 2011 US$0.09
September 16, 2011 September 20, 2011 September 30, 2011 US$0.03
June 16, 2011 June 20, 2011 June 30, 2011 US$0.03
March 17, 2011 March 21, 2011 March 31, 2011 US$0.03

The declaration and payment of dividends remains at the discretion of the Board and will depend on the company’s cash requirements, future prospects and other factors deemed relevant by the Board of Directors.

Pursuant to Canadian tax legislation, Canadian resident individuals who receive ‘eligible dividends’ will be entitled to an enhanced gross-up and dividend tax credit on such dividends. The company has designated that all dividends paid are ‘eligible dividends’ for these purposes.

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